Kiddie football

Since 1998, Full 22 years in Canada - USA - Luxembourg.

SOCCER-SOCCER "Kiddie Soccer" encourages parents to introduce their little boys and girls to soccer game, fun and stimulating program that they are sure to get a kick out of!  "Kiddie Soccer" is an action packed, age-appropriate soccer program for boys and girls ages 4-6.

Young players learn to play soccer and develop skills through a hands-on regular 12-week program or trough 1/2 day "Summer Camps" programs. That includes thematic games and structured activities related to the basics of soccer.

All "Kiddie Soccer" classes are presented under the careful supervision of a Academy Director Senad Arnautovic and professional staff that is trained in "Kiddie Soccer" teaching techniques. Be sure to score a goal with your kids by enrolling them in the interactive program of a lifetime at "Kiddie Soccer".