Soccer School and Summer Camps in Luxembourg

Since 1998, Full 22 years in Canada - USA - Luxembourg.

While you are shopping, meeting friends, visiting a doctor or relaxing at home, you can bring your son/daughter, ages 4-17 to us for all day.

They will learn new soccer skills and enjoy playing different types of soccer, without a coach or parental involvement. In a non-competitive, non-stressful and friendly environment we will allow kids to be kids. This is the best environment for kids to express their imagination and creativity and this is way how European kids master their soccer skill.

From the first time in Luxembourg (2004) we are proud to offer a special camp devoted solely to football in all it's aspects. The Summer Camps run Monday through Friday, from 9.00 in the morning until 4.00 in the afternoon.

SOCCER-SOCCER training sessions are in the six distinct phases:
  1. Individual training
  2. Positional (functional) training
  3. Team training
  4. Goalkeeper training
  5. Olympic Games
  6. Mini World Cup Games

Monday to Friday

  9.00 -  9.30  Camp warm up
  9.30 -11.30  Training
11:30 -12:00  Game
12.00 -13.00  Lunch
13.00 -13.15  Camp warm up
13.15 -14.30  Training
14.30 -15.50  Mini World Cup
16.00 FINISH  We go home

Everyone is invited (ages 4 - 17), meet new friends, have a good time - play soccer with us.